• 5 Things You Need to Know About Outsourcing Content Marketing

    9 monthes ago - By Business 2 Community

    Outsourcing content marketing can be tough. After all, no outsourced content creator will understand your business like an insider would, right?
    Well...not necessarily. Trust me, it's possible to work for a company for years without really understanding why the company does what it does, how it makes money, etc. Not to mention how things like an increase in the cost of raw materials or having to meet stricter regulation affects profit margin.
    If it's not that...then what? What is it that sometimes makes outsourcing content marketing so frustrating?
    The thing is, outsourcing is a...
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  • 5 Things to Help You Motivate a Business Partner

    5 Things to Help You Motivate a Business Partner

    9 monthes ago - By Business 2 Community

    StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay
    If you own a business and have a partner it can make managing that business easier. For one thing, it gives you someone who will share the responsibilities, burdens, and triumphs with you. But it can also create other obstacles and problems to work through.
    For instance, you may be highly motivated and your partner more relaxed. Such different approaches in work styles can drive you crazy if you let it. But in such situations, there are things to help you motivate a business partner instead.
    1. Form a Mission Statement
    As you first open your business you should...
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