• Starting a company won't make you a good CEO, the serial-entrepreneur cofounder of OKCupid says

    9 monthes ago - By Chron

    Hollis Johnson/Business Insider
    Sam Yagan started his first company, SparkNotes, during his senior year at Harvard University without money or a foundation to build professional success.
    Yagan went on to be the CEO of Match.com after cofounding OKCupid, and he now serves as the CEO of ShopRunner.
    He credits his success to being present, surrounding himself with people smarter than he is, and being willing to fail.
    It didn't take Sam Yagan long to start his first company - he didn't even have a college degree yet. But creating a company successfully takes more than a good idea; it takes...
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  • London First CEO Says the Business Community Wants to Unite the U.K. Ahead of Brexit

    9 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Though you might hear a lot about the “Brexit divide,” London's business community is ready to unite, as Jasmine Whitbread, CEO of London First, told Fortune ‘s MPW International Summit on Tuesday.
    London First is a business campaigning group made up of more than 200 employers in the British capital.
    “Members join the organization because they want to see London thrive, but not at the expense of the rest of the U.K.,” she said.
    The organization was founded in the 1990s when “London was really in the doldrums,” according to Whitbread, and the business community decided they needed to take...
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