• Purchase Order Best Practices for Small Business Owners

    7 monthes ago - By Business 2 Community

    Your small business is off to a strong start, steadily increasing its client base and perhaps even growing its staff. However, before it graduates from small to mid-sized, take heed of your business's important but oft-forgotten administrative processes, such as procurement.
    For instance, how often is your business ordering supplies? Are these orders neatly tracked or placed haphazardly? Does your business have purchase orders in place?
    Though they may seem like bureaucratic minutiae, purchase orders are a crucial piece of smoothly running an operational small business.
    Why do purchase...
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  • This is the ONLY Way to Grow Your Business

    This is the ONLY Way to Grow Your Business

    7 monthes ago - By Business 2 Community

    Pexels / Pixabay
    Most small business owners want to grow their business. At the same time, many are overwhelmed with all of the work that is on their plate.
    A brief thought of hiring a team member or outsourcing some tasks may surface before it's quickly shut down. Your limiting beliefs may tell you that hiring an employee is costly and a hassle when it to onboarding.
    In reality, outsourcing and hiring a team is the only way to grow your business. If you feel stuck or unable to expand your business, it's probably because you need to outsource something.
    Here's why this is the only legit...
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