• Elon Musk just announced a new name for the 387-foot-long SpaceX rocket he wants to send to Mars

    6 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Elon Musk and his company SpaceX have been working on a gigantic, 387-foot-long spacecraft that's designed to eventually send humans to Mars.
    The spacecraft has been dubbed Big Falcon Rocket , but Musk posted on Twitter on Monday that the rocket now has a new name: Starship.
    SpaceX released the final design for the rocket in September, and plans to launch the first human voyage to Mars on the Starship by 2024.
    SpaceX has long been touting a rocket in the works that wants to be the first to put people on Mars, and all that hype now comes with a new name.
    Elon Musk, the company's CEO, took...
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  • Elon Musk's Big Falcon Rocket Just Got a New Name: Starship

    Elon Musk's Big Falcon Rocket Just Got a New Name: Starship

    6 monthes ago - By Fortune

    SpaceX's planned Mars rocket has a new name: Starship.
    Or at least the spacecraft element of the rocket does. The booster, SpaceX boss Elon Musk announced Tuesday via his mother tongue of Twitter, is now called “Super Heavy”.
    Technically, two parts: Starship is the spaceship/upper stage & Super Heavy is the rocket booster needed to escape Earth's deep gravity well
    - Elon Musk November 20, 2018
    The previous codename, BFR, officially stood for “Big Falcon Rocket” - Falcon being the common name of SpaceX's previous and current rockets - although Musk also said it could be taken to represent...
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