• A black news anchor alleges she was fired after complaining that her bosses were 'still stuck in 1953' and had banned her from wearing her 'unprofessional' natural hair on TV

    5 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Brittany Noble-Jones is a former co-anchor for WJTV This Morning in Mississippi.
    She says she was wrongfully terminated in 2018 after after filing an EEOC complaint against her allegedly abusive bosses.
    Noble-Jones detailed her complaints about the news station in a Medium post explaining why she hadn't been on air recently.
    She claimed her bosses called her natural hair "unprofessional" and pushed her out of the company promos when she became pregnant.
    A black news anchor in Mississippi alleges that she was told her natural hair was "unprofessional" and banned from TV by bosses she claims...
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