• 3D-scanning tech at airports could mean the end of strict liquid limits

    8 monthes ago - By Fast Company

    The tech is being tested at London's Heathrow Airport.
    Thanks to technology, you may soon be able to fly with a full-sized bottle of your favorite shampoo again. New 3D-scanning technology, which is currently getting a trial run at London's Heathrow Airport, could mean the end of the strict rules on carrying liquids on to planes.
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  • The Riskiest Investment I Ever Made

    8 monthes ago - By Fortune

    I was CEO of a large public company where I had recently led a turnaround. I craved success like an addict and was driving my career hard.
    One day, I arrived home from work to discover my elder son, then in eighth grade, barricaded in his room grinding through his homework. His conversations with me had lately morphed to monosyllabic grumbles. As he sequestered himself ever more deeply, I felt out of touch not only with him but also his three younger siblings. My conversations with my wife, too, had mostly dwindled to fast exchanges about family logistics.
    Standing there at my son's...
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  • A New Zealand Company That Tested a Four-Day Work Week May Make It Permanent

    8 monthes ago - By Fortune

    A company in New Zealand that tested a four-day work week on its employees says the trial run was such a success that they may make the practice permanent.
    Perpetual Guardian, which helps New Zealanders handle their wills, trusts, and estate plans, released a report last week detailing how the six-week trial increased employee productivity, led to better work-life balance, and reduced stress levels. Throughout the trial, which ran from March 5, 2018 to late April, employees were still paid for five days worth of work.
    “An enduring theme across all groups is that the individuals had more...
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