• Genealogy site MyHeritage discovered passwords of 92 million accounts on a private server, but says the data was encrypted

    11 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A security researcher informed DNA testing and genealogy website MyHeritage that a file with 92 million user email addresses and scrambled passwords were found on a server outside of the company.
    MyHeritage does not believe the information was actually used by the perpetrators.
    Credit card information, family trees, and DNA data were not part of the breach, the company says.
    A data breach has exposed 92 million accounts on DNA testing and genealogy website MyHeritage, the company said on Tuesday .
    The breach was discovered by a security researcher who notified MyHeritage on Tuesday that a...
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  • Ancestry service MyHeritage says 92 million customer email addresses were exposed

    Ancestry service MyHeritage says 92 million customer email addresses were exposed

    11 monthes ago - By Washington Post

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  • MyHeritage breach exposes 92M emails and hashed passwords

    11 monthes ago - By Tech Crunch

    The genetic analysis and family tree website MyHeritage was breached last year by unknown actors, who exfiltrated the emails and hashed passwords of all 92 million registered users of the site. No credit card info, nor genetic data appears to have been collected.
    The company announced the breach on its blog , explaining that an unnamed security researcher contacted them to warn them of a file he had encountered “on a private server,” tellingly entitled “myheritage.” Inside it were the millions of emails and hashed passwords.
    Hashing passwords is a one-way encryption process allowing...
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  • Ancestry Site MyHeritage Says 92 Million User Accounts Have Been Compromised

    11 monthes ago - By Fortune

    MyHeritage, the genealogy website and DNA testing service, says the email addresses and hashed passwords of its customer database - some 92 million user accounts - were found on a private server.
    The security breach, discovered by a researcher, includes all the email addresses of MyHeritage users who signed up through Oct. 26, 2017. MyHeritage's security team is investigating the data breach to identify any potential exploitation of its system.
    For the millions of people whose email addresses were stored on the private server, the impact should be minimal, MyHeritage said in a blog post...
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