• KitKat makers Nestlé just lost a wild, 16-year legal battle to dominate the chocolate market in Europe after losing an argument about its shape

    7 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Nestlé, the manufacturers of KitKat, lost a 16-year legal fight to dominate the chocolate bar market.
    Nestlé applied to trademark the distinctive trapezoid shape of KitKats in 2002, and initially succeeded.
    But KitKat's competitors - who make very similar snacks - objected.
    This started a string of court cases and appeals for some ten years.
    In 2016, an EU court annulled the trademark, saying that Nestlé had failed to prove that KitKat has a "distinctive character" across all EU states.
    Nestlé appealed the decision.
    Europe's top court threw out Nestlé's appeal on Wednesday, removing any...
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  • The EU's Highest Court Has Ruled in Nestle's 16-Year Battle to Trademark Kit Kat's 3D Shape

    The EU's Highest Court Has Ruled in Nestle's 16-Year Battle to Trademark Kit Kat's 3D Shape

    7 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Nestl?'s Kit Kat has a familiar form , but the company has lost another significant battle in its attempt to trademark that shape across the European Union-because it hasn't proved that the shape is familiar to everyone as that of a Kit Kat.
    nsrgy got a three-dimensional trademark for its four-fingered, chocolate-and-wafer treat back in 2006-it applied for the trademark in 2002-but rival Cadbury Schweppes, which is now part of Mondelez mdlz
    , got the EU's General Court to annul the trademark.
    The General Court said in 2016 that Nestl? had not proven that the Kit Kat form was seen as...
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  • Kit Kat loses bid to protect shape of four-finger bar at ECJ

    7 monthes ago - By Reuters

    Nestle on Wednesday lost its attempt to protect the shape of its four-finger Kit Kat chocolate bar in European Court of Justice after a tussle of over a decade to establish that it had a distinctive character.
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