• The Sega Genesis is back - behold, the Sega Genesis Mini

    10 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Sega unveiled a miniature version of its classic Sega Genesis / Mega Drive console over the weekend.
    The console is similar to the NES and Super NES Classic Edition consoles from Nintendo, which contain a number of classic games.
    The Sega "Mega Drive Mini" is scheduled to launch in Japan first at some point this year, with other regions getting the console later.
    Remember the Sega Genesis? Perhaps you grew up outside of North America, where it was called the Sega Mega Drive?
    It's the console that was home to classic games like "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Streets of Rage," and "Golden Axe." And...
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  • Sega to release Mega Drive Mini this year

    Sega to release Mega Drive Mini this year

    10 monthes ago - By Tech Crunch

    Just like Nintendo before it, Sega is releasing a mini version of its iconic Mega Drive game system. The system is supposed to be available sometime in 2018 and the company also announced at least 15 classic Sega games will hit the Switch this summer to celebrate the system's 30th anniversary.
    Sega turned to AtGames to build the hardware according to this Facebook post. AtGames had previously built the shoddy Sega Genesis Flashback so hopefully this system will be better than that version. Nintendo paid attention to the details in its retro systems and it showed. The mini NES and SNES are...
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