• Microsoft Will Continue Letting Workers Listen to Skype, Cortana Recordings

    3 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Microsoft has updated its privacy policy to disclose that human transcribers may listen to recordings of people using its Skype calling service and Cortana virtual assistant.
    The switch comes in reaction to recent criticism of Microsoft along with Google , Facebook , and Apple for using human transcribers to review audio quality of their voice products and to train translation or transcription algorithms. Those critics said that the companies failed to adequately notify users about their practices.
    While Google, Apple , and Facebook have recently said they would pause use of human...
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  • Microsoft's latest privacy policy says vendors listen to voice data

    3 monthes ago - By Reuters

    Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday it updated its privacy policy to let customers know that it had been collecting voice data of its users with the help of employees and contractors.
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