• Google Just Overhauled Search to Be More Personalized and Image Friendly

    8 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Google is tweaking its search engine to emphasize more personalized results and more compelling images.
    Executives said on Monday that the changes were driven in part by the company's increasing use of artificial intelligence technologies like deep learning. The technology can better determine the kind of information related to a particular search, even if it's not obvious from the query used, and to do tasks like more accurately identify cats in photos.
    A new “Journeys” feature is intended to keep track of users' individual searches about particular topics. People searching for “camping,”...
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  • Here's everything Google announced today at its “Future of Search” event

    Here's everything Google announced today at its “Future of Search” event

    8 monthes ago - By Tech Crunch

    Google has changed a lot in 20 years. What started as an index of “just” a few million pages is now reaching into the hundreds of billions; what was once a relatively simple search engine is now an impossibly complex brew of machine learning, computer vision, and data science that finds its way into the daily lives of most of the planet.
    Google held a small press event in San Francisco today to discuss what's next, and what it saw as the “Future of Search”.
    Here's everything they talked about:
    Google Discover
    The famously minimalist Google.com homepage is about to get a bit more crowded...
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