• How to Take Your Job Anywhere In The World

    11 monthes ago - By Business 2 Community

    The world feels small when you stay in the same place for too long. What if you could travel the world and work on your terms whenever you wanted?
    That's usually the question that raises a big red flag and makes you walk out on the latest webinar or workshop scam you fell for. You likely know the term “digital nomad,” but think that it's reserved for top YouTube stars or bloggers with a secret inheritance funding it all. Digital nomads are an ambitious bunch who love to travel and work hard to make that lifestyle possible by conducting their work online.
    Intermixing travel and work at...
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  • 4 questions to help answer the big one: “Should I take this job?”

    4 questions to help answer the big one: “Should I take this job?”

    11 monthes ago - By Fast Company

    Here's how to consider the potential risks, benefits, and what your gut is telling you.
    Searching for a job can be frustrating. You have bills to pay, perhaps including student loan debt, plus other responsibilities in your personal life that limit how much time you can spend filling out applications and networking. Even so, most job searches unfold slowly: There are only so many jobs you can apply for, and interviews happen seemingly at random. So when a job offer finally comes through, it may feel like you've got to strike when the iron's hot and say yes.
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