• How to Run an Effective Sales and Marketing Alignment Meeting

    10 days ago - By Business 2 Community

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    You may have heard the terms “smarketing” or “sales and marketing alignment” but do you really know what these terms entail when it comes to implementation? For many organizations, there are a variety of reasons why it is difficult to align the sales and marketing departments. This is especially true for larger organizations that may have several locations across the company or even across the globe that makes meeting more difficult.
    Many employees have different viewpoints on whether or not their organization is aligned when it comes to sales and marketing. HubSpot's...
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  • Where Do Your Sales Come From?

    Where Do Your Sales Come From?

    11 days ago - By Business 2 Community

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    Do you know where your sales come from?
    Companies with physical storefronts do. They know how much product they sell at each of their locations. And they can judge the relative success of each location by comparing it to past performance and to all other locations.
    For example, Starbucks knows that the storefront at 29th and Park Avenue in Manhattan serves 75,000 customers per day at an average order value of $4.50 per order, for a total daily haul of $337,500.
    But what about companies that sell by phone? Or online?
    One might think that it doesn't matter as much for...
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