• There's No Place in the U.S. Where a Minimum Wage Worker Can Afford a 2-Bedroom Apartment

    9 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Housing has gotten so expensive across the country, it's completely priced out the lowest earners.
    According to a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition released Wednesday, there is nowhere in the U.S. that someone working full-time at a minimum wage job could afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment.
    Even in the state with the cheapest housing, Arkansas, an individual would need to earn $13.84 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment. The state's minimum wage is currently set at $8.50 an hour.
    To afford a two-bedroom apartment, a worker making the federal minimum wage...
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  • U.S. energy firms chasing oil price rally stumble on old baggage

    9 monthes ago - By Reuters

    NEW YORK - With oil price recovery taking hold, several U.S. oil and gas companies entered 2018 with a compelling plan - sell undeveloped or less essential fields and invest the money to boost returns from their sweetest, most productive spots.
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