• Facebook Debuts New Service to Capitalize on Growth in Video Games as a Spectator Sport

    11 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Facebook has introduced a new service for watching people play video games.
    The new hub, FB.gg , is trying to capitalize on the growing audience for watching others play games. The service includes live and pre-recorded video streams.
    In addition, Facebook plans to fund content from gamers and e-sports that can be viewed through the new platform. It's also working on helping elevate streaming through a new program, called Level Up. That program is meant to help new gamers get started and build a fanbase through FB.gg. by allowing players to earn money through what it calls its “fan support...
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  • Kazakhstan's New Capital Is Growing Up Quick

    11 monthes ago - By Forbes

    Just 20 years since its conception, Kazakhstan's capital city of Astana is a thriving hub of innovation, investment, and regional diplomacy. While oil and gas revenues have been critical to Astana's achievements, the Kazakh government is committed to diversifying the country's economy.
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