• Russia Blocked Telegram. Now Its CEO Says Private Information Could Fall to U.S. Hands

    One year ago - By Fortune

    Russia's planned ban on Telegram, the highly secure messaging service, could make it easier for U.S. authorities to spy on Russian citizens who switch to online alternatives that are more vulnerable to snooping, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov warned.
    The ban, which began Monday , comes after Telegram refused to hand over encryption keys that would give the Kremlin access to private messages on its platform. The Russian government had demanded access to the service to track terrorist threats .
    Durov, however, warns that banning Telegram could actually compromise Russian state security and the...
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  • Russian stocks, ruble jump after report Trump halted further sanctions

    One year ago - By CNBC

    Russian stocks trading in the U.S. and the ruble jumped after a report Trump would not hit Russia with more sanctions.
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