• The 'Google of Russia' has built a fleet of self-driving food delivery robots

    6 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Yandex, the company behind Russia's biggest search engine, announced Friday that it's bringing out autonomous food delivery robots.
    The robots are currently just being trialled at Yandex HQ, but the company's hope is to integrate them into its food-delivery platforms.
    The food-delivery space is becoming more crowded, with players like Amazon and Starship Technologies having introduced their own self-driving delivery robots.
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    Russia's answer to Google , has announced it's bringing out self-driving delivery robots.
    Russian search engine...
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  • Just How Far Ahead Is Tesla In Self-Driving?

    Just How Far Ahead Is Tesla In Self-Driving?

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    Autonomous driving cars have emerged as a hot buzz word in the automotive industry over the last few years, with companies ranging from mainstream automakers such as General Motors to Silicon Valley startups such as Waymo looking to make a dent in the market. However, Tesla ..
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