• Microsoft Just Bought a Hot AI Startup That Could Help Its Bots Talk Like Humans One Day

    9 monthes ago - By Fortune

    “Conversational AI” is a hot topic right now, what with the tech giants' virtual assistants all competing to be the most human-esque, and Microsoft msft just gave itself a boost by purchasing a startup called Semantic Machines.
    The move could improve Microsoft's Cortana assistant, as well as the “social chatbots” that it is deploying on social networks .
    Semantic Machines is a company that's been developing technology for voice-enabled agents that can speak like a person and understand what others tell it. The use cases on its website echo those recently demonstrated by Google with its...
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  • Microsoft buys a start-up that wants A.I. to make conversation with humans

    9 monthes ago - By CNBC

    Microsoft said the deal meant it could combine Semantic's technology with its own AI efforts.
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