• Drugmakers Celebrate the New Year by Raising Prices on Hundreds of Drugs an Average of 6.3%

    5 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Three dozen drugmakers are raising prices on more than 250 prescription drugs, according to an analysis by RX Savings Solutions. The average price increase will be around 6.3%, although some drugs will see prices increase by 10% or more.
    By contrast, the inflation rate in the U.S. for the 12 months through November is 2.2%.
    The analysis, first reported by Reuters and the Wall Street Journal , also showed that the number of drugs seeing price increases as well as the average rate of increase are lower than in 2017, as Big Pharma faces pressure from President Trump and consumer groups alike...
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  • US average for gasoline seen peaking at $3 a gallon in May

    5 monthes ago - By Chron

    A price-tracking service says the national average for gasoline will surge to about $3 a gallon by May before easing the rest of 2019.
    GasBuddy predicted Wednesday that the full-year average price will settle at $2.70 a gallon, about 3 cents lower than 2018.
    The U.S. average is about $2.22 a gallon now, down 70 cents from three months ago due to lower oil prices.
    GasBuddy predicts prices will rise this spring as OPEC cuts oil production and the U.S. economy remains strong, generating demand for gasoline.
    Oil prices climbed Wednesday. Benchmark U.S. crude rose 2.5 percent to $46.56 a barrel...
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