• Boeing and JetBlue are betting big on the electric plane startup Zunum Aero. Here's how the aviation giants are helping the company take off

    8 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Zunum Aero is a Kirkland, Washington-based electric plane start-up.
    The company's two most prominent backers are Boeing and JetBlue .
    Zunum is working with both of its major backers to get their plane flying.
    Zunum's ZA10 12-seat regional plane will debut with a hybrid-electric drive system before moving to a fully-electric layout as battery technology improves.
    Safran's Ardiden 3 turboshaft engine has been selected to power the ZA10 hybrid system's power generator.
    Zunum Aero's mission is simple, revolutionize regional travel with small, efficient electric-powered passenger planes.
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