• Oh No-Those Boston Dynamics Robots Can Now Do ‘Parkour.' See for Yourself

    7 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Amid this week's depressing news about looming, climate-change-induced disaster, perhaps we can take solace in the possibility of fast-moving, unstoppable robots getting us first. That's right; it's time for another Boston Dynamics demonstration video.
    Earlier this year, the SoftBank-owned outfit taunted us with a clip of its SpotMini robot opening a door with its claw-like arm (positioned where the head should be, for extra nightmare points.) Then it showed us Atlas, its more humanoid-ish creation, going for a jog .
    The one ray of light in that jogging video was the fact that Atlas needed...
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  • Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot can now jump up stairs like a parkour pro

    Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot can now jump up stairs like a parkour pro

    7 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Robotics company Boston Dynamics released a video of one of its robots doing parkour.
    The Atlas robot, which is humanoid in appearance, jumps over a log and then hops up a series of platforms.
    Boston Dynamics is famous for creating robots whose movements closely resemble humans and animals.
    Boston Dynamics, the robotics company formerly owned by Google, keeps giving its humanoid robots new abilities.
    They can open doors , go for a jog outside , and even resist being pulled around by human engineers. Now those same engineers have given one of their robots the ability to do parkour.
    Atlas is...
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