• US lawmakers warn spy chief that ‘deep fakes' are a national security threat

    9 monthes ago - By Tech Crunch

    What once sounded like science fiction is now a reality: creating almost-perfectly faked videos of people saying things they never did.
    Surprise: now they're a reality, thanks to modern computing power and the power to instantly share it on the world's social stage.
    But US lawmakers are worried that these faked videos could be used by the enemy to harm national security.
    If you're unaware, “deep fakes” are digitally manipulated videos - which, using existing footage mixed with artificial intelligence and machine learning, can be made to look like, or close to, the real...
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  • Lawmakers want US intelligence assessment on fake videos

    Lawmakers want US intelligence assessment on fake videos

    9 monthes ago - By Chron

    WASHINGTON - Three lawmakers want to see a U.S. intelligence assessment of the threat posed by technology that lets anyone make fake but realistic videos of real people saying things they never said.
    The rising capabilities of the technology are fueling concerns it could be used to make a bogus video, for example, of an American politician accepting a bribe or of a U.S. or foreign leader warning of an impending disaster.
    The lawmakers wrote National Intelligence Director Dan Coats on Thursday asking for a report by mid-December that assesses how the bogus high-tech videos, known as...
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