• Podcasting for Real Estate: Top Tips to Get Started

    7 monthes ago - By RIS Media

    Vanilla marketing, or the sorts of things every REALTOR® does, is popular-but does it always work? Not as much as a podcast can, Seattle-based broker Phil Greely says.
    Greely and colleague Tyler Jones started their own podcast, Rise Seattle, two years ago. The goal? To boost their marketing and bring something fresh and new to their business. They were surprised at the impact the podcast show had. Greely now sells $20 million a year in total volume, and is the producer and co-host of Rise Seattle Podcast .
    A family man and father of three, Greely encourages agents to start their own...
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  • How Freelancers Can Ensure They Always Have Work

    How Freelancers Can Ensure They Always Have Work

    7 monthes ago - By Business 2 Community

    FirmBee / Pixabay
    When freelancers first get started, it can be a little scary. They might worry about whether or not they will continue to have enough work to pay their bills.
    For me this was an issue because, being single, I have no one else to rely on. Keeping my bills paid is all up to me.
    But I quickly learned there are things freelancers can do to ensure they always have work available.
    Create Goals
    As a freelancer, one thing I do to ensure I always have work is to create goals. I stay motivated when I have goals to work toward. What's more, it helps me to know why I am doing what I...
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