• The most important idea holding China's economy together is being tested like never before

    5 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    China's leaders have spent years convincing the world that they're ready to handle a slower growing, more volatile economy.
    But President Donald Trump's trade war against the country is adding an unexpected, so-far uncontrollable level of difficulty for policymakers and uncertainty to the global financial community.
    That may set China's economy up for the worst kind of crisis it could ever face - a crisis of faith.
    With every day that passes it seems more likely the US and China will not be able to avert a full-scale trade war.
    On the US side, President Donald Trump recently announced his...
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  • Alibaba's Ma: trade war "most stupid thing in this world"

    Alibaba's Ma: trade war "most stupid thing in this world"

    5 monthes ago - By Reuters

    The U.S.-China trade war is the "most stupid thing in this world," according to Jack Ma, the chief of Asia's most valuable public company, Alibaba. As Ivor Bennett reports, his comments came as the value of export orders to the U.S. signed at China's largest trade fair dropped 30 percent on the year as higher U.S. import tariffs made goods from batteries to farm tractors costlier.
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