• Fed Chair Powell says gradual rate hikes best approach

    8 monthes ago - By Chron

    BOSTON - Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday that he sees no need to drop the central bank's current gradual approach to raising interest rates.
    Powell said the combination of steady, low inflation and very low unemployment shows the country is going through "extraordinary times."
    The central bank is trying to make sure it doesn't raise rates too quickly and push the country into a recession, or move too slowly and set off higher inflation, he said. He added that the Fed's goal of gradual increases in interest rates is an effort to balance those risks and extend the current...
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  • Fed Chair Powell's remarks this year have cost the stock market $1.5 trillion, JP Morgan says

    8 monthes ago - By CNBC

    Since Jerome Powell took over as Fed chairman in February, his public remarks have cost the market dearly - specifically about a $1.5 trillion loss in market cap, according to a J.P. Morgan analysis.
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