• Iran Braces For New U.S. Sanctions To Further Cripple Economy

    6 monthes ago - By NPR

    The new sanctions, which were previously lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, severely limit Iran's ability to buy U.S. currency and issue sovereign debt, and place restrictions on trade with Iran.
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  • Why Trump's Sanctions on Iran Carry So Much Force

    Why Trump's Sanctions on Iran Carry So Much Force

    6 monthes ago - By Washington Post

    Few things in Donald Trump's foreign policy have been more consistent than his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal the U.S. reached with that country and five other nations in 2015. He campaigned against it while running for president, complained about it regularly during his first year in office and finally pulled the U.S. out of it in May 2018. Now, Trump is reimposing sanctions that were frozen by the agreement, threatening to penalize even close allies if they keep doing business with Iran.
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