• Hackers stole millions of Facebook users' personal data - here's why you should be worried

    8 monthes ago - By Chron

    AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
    Some 30 million Facebook users were victims of the hacking attack it revealed recently.
    That attack exposed the personal information of many users, including their names, phone numbers, birth dates, and more.
    That kind of information could be used for identity theft and to compromise users' financial and other accounts, security and privacy experts say.
    The exposure of that data can also pose particular and obvious dangers to people who are trying to keep a low profile, such as victims of domestic violence.
    If you're one of the victims of the recently revealed hack...
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  • Facebook Hack Compromised 30 Million People, Exposing Phone Numbers, Emails

    8 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Facebook's recent hack affected 30 million people, fewer than the company originally believed, but compromised sensitive information like people's phone numbers and email addresses.
    In a call with reporters on Friday, Facebook vice president of product management Guy Rosen detailed the type of personal information attackers may have obtained in what was likely the biggest data breach in the social networking giant's history. When Facebook first detailed the hack in late September , executives believed that about 50 million people were compromised, but after a few more weeks of...
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  • After millions of Facebook accounts were hacked, here's how to secure your social media accounts and operating systems

    8 monthes ago - By Chron

    Although two-factor authentication likely wouldn't have stopped your data from being stolen in the Facebook hack, the event is a reminder that your passwords can be easily accessible.
    Two-factor authentication is a more secure method of logging in to accounts, email, and operating systems. It often comes in the form of a text message with a code, but it's even safer to use a physical security key that you plug into your computer.
    Companies like Yubico make relatively inexpensive security keys that can prevent your accounts from being accessed by bad actors.
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  • Facebook now says data breach affected 29 million users, details impact

    8 monthes ago - By Reuters

    Cyber attackers stole data from 29 million Facebook accounts using an automated program that moved from one friend to the next, Facebook Inc announced on Friday, as the social media company said its largest-ever data theft hit fewer than the 50 million profiles it initially reported.
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