• United Airlines to Budget Travelers: Stay in the Back of the Plane

    7 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Flying just became a little harder for budget travelers. United Airlines says it will start charging economy passengers an extra fee if they want to reserve seats near the front of plane.
    United already offers premium seats with extra legroom and other passenger perks in its Economy Plus section. But the new " preferred " fees that United plans to introduce later this year concern regular old economy seats, located behind the Economy Plus section, USA Today reported. Their only advantage is passengers don't have to wait so long to disembark.
    In an era when online-travel services like...
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  • United Airlines will start charging more for some economy seats, and it's part of a costly trend that's plaguing the industry

    7 monthes ago - By Chron

    Scott Olson / Getty Images
    United Airlines announced a plan to begin charging an extra fee for passengers to reserve economy seats near the front of the plane.
    A reserve fee of this type is already practiced by others in the industry, notably American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.
    Separating the costs of various travel services into their own fee group is an industry practice known as "unbundling."
    Unbundling has been around since the 2000s, and has been embraced by the entire airline industry.
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