• China is building one of the world's tallest skyscrapers - take a look

    7 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    In China , construction has begun on Shimao Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centre, which could become the world's second largest skyscraper .
    At 2,191 feet tall, it will surpass the Shanghai Tower.
    The project builds on Shenzhen's urban development boom.
    Chinese cities have some of the world's tallest skyscrapers , including the 1,965-foot-tall Ping An Finance Centre in Shenzhen, the 1,739-foot-tall CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou, and the 1,732-foot-tall China Zun tower in Beijing.
    More recently. construction began on the mega-tall Shimao Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centre in...
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