• Carney warns of no-deal Brexit impact on UK economy - newspapers

    10 monthes ago - By Reuters

    A series of dire warnings this week about the impact of a no deal Brexit on the UK economy has increased the pressure on Westminster and Brussels to speed up the delivery of an agreement before March. As Laura Frykberg reports. BOE governor, Mark Carney, is said to have briefed government ministers on a possible 35 per cent crash in UK house prices over three years, should there be a chaotic exit from the EU.
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  • Carney Considers Costs Of A Bruising Brexit

    10 monthes ago - By Forbes

    The Governor of the Bank of England has issued a stark warning for the UK economy in the event of "No-Deal" being agreed over Brexit. It certainly does make for pleasant reading.
    The UK Government are preparing sensible strategic suggestions whereas France has nothing to offer but foolish ideas.
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