• A $27 billion private-equity investor identifies a budding team of experts that will determine who wins the biggest deals in the future

    8 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A few private equity teams already employ data scientist teams, and more will do so in the future.
    Firms could win having the best information about a company they're bidding for rather than winning a deal just on price, said one private equity executive.
    While private equity firms have long-used humans and connections to find investments, they're increasingly turning to more high-tech means.
    Ian Charles, an executive at $27 billion dollar private equity firm Landmark Partners, said his team already works with "the small handful of groups that exist today" to better understand how data...
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  • French politicians bid to lure UK private-equity firms

    French politicians bid to lure UK private-equity firms

    8 monthes ago - By eFinancial News

    The proposal could slash the tax foreign investment firms pay on carried interest in France by nearly 50% to a flat rate of around 30%
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