• We drove a $33,000 Ford Mustang and a $38,000 Chevy Camaro to see which was the better entry level iconic sports car - here's the verdict

    8 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Ford and Chevy both offer entry-level versions of their iconic muscle cars.
    The Mustang has a 310-horsepower EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine, while the Camaro has a smaller 275-horsepower motor, also turbocharged.
    The Mustang was the clear winner in this contest.
    Ford and Chevy have been locked in a battle for muscle-car supremacy for decades.
    Ford's Mustang arrived in 1965. The Camaro landed in 1967. The fight hasn't let up since.
    Both carmakers know that not everybody wants a massive V8 engine, which is what makes a muscle car a muscle car. So they offer less stonking versions...
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