• Looking Back: Trump Has Been A Hard-Liner On Trade For A Long Time

    9 monthes ago - By NPR

    The next round of U.S. tariffs against China goes into effect Thursday. President Trump has imposed tariffs far more than other recent presidents, and he's imposed them on allies and foes alike.
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  • U.S. economy expected to slow, damaged by trade war: Reuters poll

    9 monthes ago - By Reuters

    U.S. economic growth will slow steadily in coming quarters after touching a four-year high in April-June, according to a Reuters poll of economists, who expect President Donald Trump's trade war to inflict damage.
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  • Don't Assume That Trump Is Bullish For The U.S. Dollar

    Don't Assume That Trump Is Bullish For The U.S. Dollar

    9 monthes ago - By ETF Daily News

    From Adem Tumerkan : One month ago, President Trump publicly criticized the Federal Reserve's rate hikes. I wrote about it that morning - highlighting his tweet.
    This marks the moment he broke from a more than two-decade old norm of Presidents not commenting about Fed policy.
    Why? Because the Federal Reserve is ‘supposedly' an independent central bank. Meaning it isn't politicized and acts on what they believe is the best interest for the U.S. economy and dollar.
    Even with Trump's remarks being seriously taboo - the mainstream downplayed it. And many since have forgot.
    That is - until...
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