• U.S. Warns Americans Against Travel to China Due to Risk of Detention

    12 days ago - By Fortune

    The U.S. said China coercively prevents U.S. citizens, including dual U.S.-Chinese nationals, from exiting the country in an updated travel advisory.
    The U.S. State Department's Jan. 3 warning follows China's actions in recent months to prohibit visitors with U.S. passports from leaving the country for a variety of reasons. This includes effectively banning members of a family from China to lure a relative back to the country.
    China's relations with the U.S. and with Canada deteriorated following the arrest in Vancouver, British Columbia, of a top executive with Huawei , huawei a leading...
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  • U.S. Foreign Investment Policy Gets A Tougher But More Transparent CFIUS

    13 days ago - By Forbes

    It's hard not to welcome the increased transparency FIRRMA introduced into the CFIUS process governing inbound U.S. foreign investment, even if the agency has become more restrictive. More so than ever, the wisest course action remains to pre-file an acquisition involving foreigners with CFIUS.
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