• Russia boosts foreign exchange reserves as capital outflow slows

    5 monthes ago - By RT

    A weekly increase of Russia's gold and foreign currency reserves totaled a billion dollars, according to the latest statistics published by the Central Bank of Russia.
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  • Sweden Is Going Cashless So Quickly That Its Central Bank Is Speeding Up Plans for a National Digital Currency

    5 monthes ago - By Fortune

    For the last couple of years, Sweden's central bank, the Riksbank, has been mulling over the idea of issuing a digital currency, in order to adapt to the needs of the increasingly cashless society.
    Last year, the Riksbank-the world's oldest central bank-issued a report describing what the “e-krona” might look like, and on Friday it called for the design of the electronic currency to move forward, so it can be tested.
    The pilot would involve the creation of a “value-based e-krona” that could be stored on a card or in a mobile phone app, and that would allow for traceable transactions.
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