• The PC industry just showed its first signs of growth in 6 years - but don't expect this rebound to last

    5 days ago - By Business Insider

    Worldwide PC shipments grew in the second quarter for the first time in six years, Gartner reported Thursday.
    But that rebound isn't likely to last, Gartner warned.
    Consumers continue to abandon PCs for smartphones, schools are turning to Chromebooks, and business demand was boosted by an upgrade cycle that will likely taper off within two years.
    The PC business isn't dead yet.
    But it sure doesn't look very good, and its prospects continue to look bleak.
    Those seem to be the takeaways from Gartner's latest report on PC shipments, which it issued on Thursday. The report showed that for the...
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  • Even after six years of decline, there's no growth in sight for the PC market

    Even after six years of decline, there's no growth in sight for the PC market

    6 days ago - By Business Insider

    PC shipments have dropped drastically since 2011, marking a change of pace as consumers began to adopt Macbooks or rid themselves of laptops altogether. Now, after decreasing by almost 30% since the current peak, sales are settling below 2007 levels.
    As this chart from Statista shows, 2017 marked the sixth year of decline for PC sales and the stagnation is expected to last through 2020, according to estimates from market research firm Gartner. This year's slight decline is attributed to an undersupply of chips that will drive up PC prices, but in 2020 - when Microsoft removes support for...
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