• 'To them it was a science fiction story': A VC who's been investing in anti-aging research for 7 years explains why investors are starting to pour hundreds of millions into a field they had previously snubbed

    6 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    When Laura Deming launched the Longevity Fund seven years ago, there weren't many investments going into experimental treatments aimed at helping us live healthier and longer.
    But now, the anti-aging field about to take off, she says. She's backed five companies, which have gone on to raise hundreds of millions from investors.
    "We've seen what happens with no resources," Deming told Business Insider. "Now that we have resources what will happen?"
    Laura Deming isn't new to investing in aging.
    Since launching her Longevity Fund seven years ago, she's seen the industry go from one side of the...
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