• Time To Buy China's Dip?

    1 month ago - By ETF Daily News

    From Chris Kimble : While the S&P 500 and many indices in the states are trading near all-time highs, the same thing can't be said for stocks in China! Since the highs in February, the Shanghai Index has declined nearly 25%.
    Could this large percentage decline be presenting an opportunity/entry point for aggressive bargain hunters? Yes!
    The decline has the SSE index testing the bottom of its 3-year trading range and 5-year rising support at (1), while momentum is now the lowest since the 2009 lows at (2).
    Setting a stop just below the dual support test at (1) looks to be a nice entry point...
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  • Did The Brief S&P 500 Correction Mean Anything?

    Did The Brief S&P 500 Correction Mean Anything?

    1 month ago - By ETF Daily News

    From Larry McMillan : The S&P 500 pulled back to its still-rising 20-day moving average this week, which was at about 2870, and that was been about the extent of the correction.
    As a result, the chart of $SPX remains bullish, as the Index is still in an upward-sloping channel and no important support levels have been broken.
    The put-call ratio charts are rather non-descript at this time, as they are meandering sideways. Technically, the standard ratio is on a buy signal, and the weighted is on a sell signal, but neither has been particularly productive for some time now.
    Breadth has...
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