• Workers see their paychecks get smaller as inflation continues to rise

    8 monthes ago - By CNBC

    While the rest of the economy pointed higher in July, American workers took a step backwards. Hourly and weekly earnings actually declined on the month when factoring in the rise in cost of living, according to the Labor Department.
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  • BLS: CPI increased 0.2% in July, Core CPI increased 0.2%

    8 monthes ago - By Calculated Risk

    From the BLS :
    The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 0.2 percent in July on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.1 percent in June, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index rose 2.9 percent before seasonal adjustment.
    The index for shelter rose 0.3 percent in July and accounted for nearly 60 percent of the seasonally adjusted monthly increase in the all items index. The food index rose slightly in July, with major grocery store food group indexes mixed. The energy index fell 0.5 percent, as all the major...
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  • Key Measures Show Inflation increased YoY in July

    Key Measures Show Inflation increased YoY in July

    8 monthes ago - By Calculated Risk

    The Cleveland Fed released the median CPI and the trimmed-mean CPI this morning:
    According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the median Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% in July. The 16% trimmed-mean Consumer Price Index also rose 0.2% during the month. The median CPI and 16% trimmed-mean CPI are measures of core inflation calculated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland based on data released in the Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly CPI report.
    Earlier today, the BLS reported that the seasonally adjusted CPI for all urban consumers rose 0.2% in July. The CPI less food and energy...
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  • U.S. inflation pressures rise in July; Fed on track to lift rates

    8 monthes ago - By Reuters

    U.S. consumer prices rose in July and the underlying trend continued to strengthen, pointing to a steady increase in inflation pressures that keeps the Federal Reserve on track to gradually raise interest rates.
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