• The Top High-Yield Investment Options For Retirees

    7 monthes ago - By ETF Daily News

    From Contrarian Outlook : It's the No. 1 fear that keeps retirees pacing the halls at night: that their nest egg will expire before they will!
    It's easy to see why.
    After all, many of these folks will need to fund a retirement that's much longer than their parents' was: according to the Brookings Institution, nearly one in four men who were 65 in 2015 will live to 90. Women have better odds: over one in three.
    That adds up to 25 years out of the workforce.
    And today's retirees are clocking out as old retirement-income “go-tos” scrape bottom: the average S&P 500 stock pays out just 1.7%...
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