• RaceAhead: How Black Women Survive Your Talent Pipeline, Mascots are Biased and Five Breaking News Haikus

    8 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Your week in review, in haiku.
    Napping while, shopping while, waiting for Waffles while black, black, black, black, black.
    Wanted: Fixer to fix the fix the fixers are in. Must speak slush fund.
    What's good, Greensboro?
    Greetings to R. Kelly! Lots of seats left, we see 4.
    Savage birthday Sup, bra! Velvet rope to enter undies website. Damn.
    John McCain answered the call of service. Now, he awaits the call home.
    Have a peaceful and happy Mother's Day weekend
    On Point Fifty-nine black women: Here's how we survived your leaky talent pipelineThree academic researchers interviewed 59...
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