• The search for new Alzheimer's treatments just faced another setback - here's where researchers are looking now

    11 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    It's been a while since we've had good news in search for new Alzheimer's drugs.
    On Tuesday, Merck said it was discontinuing one of its remaining trials that was looking at using the treatment in patients very early on in the disease.
    A number of trials are still ongoing, testing out new hypotheses to see if there's a way to tackle Alzheimer's better than we can today.
    Things are pretty bleak in the search to find new Alzheimer's treatments.
    In February alone, the CEO of Axovant stepped down after 10 months on the job and a failed Alzheimer's trial. And Merck said it was cancelling a trial...
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  • The Good News & Bad News For Silver

    The Good News & Bad News For Silver

    11 monthes ago - By ETF Daily News

    From Silver Doctors : First the good news: the gold-to-silver ratio just keeps looking better.
    Every single number on the latest daily chart is above 80, with a high above 82, and a last price of 82.52.
    It's hard to see how we are not close to the gold to silver ratio coming down. Regardless, to say the ratio is favoring silver right now is an extreme understatement. Compared to earlier in the year, you can now get over six ounces of silver for each ounce of gold, dollar for dollar.
    Next, on to the wildcard:
    We are coming up on the Chinese Lunar New Year.
    This is the Year of the Dog.
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