• Elon Musk snapped back at Arianna Huffington's advice to get some more sleep in tweet he sent at 2.30 a.m

    10 monthes ago - By Chron

    Getty/Business Insider
    Arianna Huffington told Elon Musk to get some more sleep.
    But the Tesla CEO snapped back in a 2.30 a.m. tweet.
    Musk said he has no choice but to work long hours because the alternative is potentially catastrophic for Tesla.
    It follows his brutally honest interview with The New York Times, in which he opened up about his "excruciating" 2018 work schedule.
    After another dramatic week for Elon Musk, in which he bared his soul in a brutally honest interview with The New York Times, his acquaintance Arianna Huffington took the time to offer the Tesla CEO some advice.
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  • DealBook Briefing: Who Isn't Worried About Elon Musk?

    10 monthes ago - By NY Times

    Tesla shares dropped after the company founder's emotional interview with The New York Times. Investors, and Arianna Huffington, are concerned.
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  • Tesla's stock faces brutal week amid questions about Elon Musk's stability

    Tesla's stock faces brutal week amid questions about Elon Musk's stability

    10 monthes ago - By Venture Beat

    Following a sharp drop in Tesla's stock at the end of last week, investors are set to drive it down further when trading begins today amid ongoing concerns about the mental state of CEO Elon Musk. Tesla's stock fell 8.93 percent on Friday, dropping to $305.50 per share. In after-hours trading over the weekend, investors seemed poised to...
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  • Elon Musk Tells Arianna Huffington He Can't Change His Workaholic Ways in 2:30 a.m. Tweet

    10 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Elon Musk sees no option but to keep working at his current relentless pace, no matter the deepening concerns of board members and investors about his health and stability as he propels Tesla Inc. toward a possible rebirth as a private company.
    Only a few hours before sunrise in California on Sunday, Musk said he'd just gotten home from the electric-car factory where he has toiled- and often slept-for months to ramp up Model 3 sedan production. The chief executive officer rebutted a post from digital-media mogul Arianna Huffington, who had urged him to take time off lest he fall short of...
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