• Gold Holding Up Well, Despite Stocks' Rebound

    8 monthes ago - By ETF Daily News

    From Gary Tanashian : It's the happy-go-lucky 3 Amigos (in play since we began this goofy metaphor last fall ), which would signal macro changes to come.
    When you are talking about the macro however, things move slowly and to date, only one of our riders has made it to his destination.
    To review, they are Amigos 1-3, Chevy, Steve and Martin.
    Stocks vs. Gold 10yr & 30yr Yields
    The 10yr-2yr Yield Curve
    Below we'll review a daily and monthly chart of each to check the status.
    Amigo 1: Stocks vs. Gold
    We noted Amigo 1's eyes closed as stocks vs. gold took a big plunge in early February and...
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