• Morning News: May 11, 2018

    8 monthes ago - By Crossing Wall Street

    US Sanctions Cause Kremlin-Linked Russian Tycoon To Have To Give Up His Private Jets
    What to Watch For in President Trump's Long-Awaited Drug Price Speech
    FCC Hits Robocaller With $120 Million Fine But the Calls Probably Won't Stop Anytime Soon
    The Real Winner in Apple's New Credit Card Deal Might Surprise You
    Nvidia Reveals Crypto Sales for First Time and Predicts Big Drop
    Dropbox Revenue Increases as It Lands More Paying Users
    Wall Street Is So Sure MoviePass Will Fail, It's Become Incredibly Expensive to Short
    Apple Leaves Overseas Cash Out of Its Latest Quarterly Report
    Skechers Says...
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  • Why a $120 Million Fine Will Do Nothing to Stop Robocalls

    8 monthes ago - By Fortune

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is doing a victory lap after slapping a $120 million fine on Adrian Abramovic for his role in 97 million robocalls placed over a three-month period in 2016. It's the biggest fine on record for the bothersome calls, but it's also pure political posturing.
    The number of calls Abramovic oversaw sounds impressive, until you learn that last month alone there were 3.36 billion robocalls placed. Using those numbers, the monthly calls from Abramovic constitute less than 3% of the total robocalls being made today.
    On average, there are 1,297 robocalls placed per second in the...
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