• Amazon wants you to help Alexa answer questions

    5 monthes ago - By Venture Beat

    Amazon today launched Alexa Answers to let users of the intelligent assistant for their opinion about the answer to certain questions.
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  • Amazon is crowdsourcing Alexa's answers to tough questions

    Amazon is crowdsourcing Alexa's answers to tough questions

    5 monthes ago - By Tech Crunch

    If you've got an Echo device at home, you've almost certainly played a few rounds of “stump Alexa,” asking Amazon's assistant increasingly arcane questions in an attempt to elicit some baffled response. Likely you found it was all that difficult to confuse the AI. After all, Amazon doesn't have the advantage of Google's deep Knowledge Graph.
    One quick workaround is going the Wikipedia route, drawing upon the knowledge of users to help build a deeper base of knowledge. Amazon's just opened that door, with an invite-only program that asks customers to submit answers to Alexa's more difficult...
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  • Exclusive: Amazon's Alexa begins crowdsourcing answers to common questions

    5 monthes ago - By Fast Company

    The company announced “Alexa Answers,” in which users will start providing answers to questions the digital assistant doesn't yet know.
    Smartphones settle a lot of dinner table debates nowadays. We argue about this or that, until somebody finally pops out a phone and Googles it. It really takes the fun out of being an adamant know-it-all who frequently turns out to be wrong.
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