• HomePod's Frequency Response Is “Flat,” And That's Not a A Bad Thing

    One year ago - By Fast Company

    Apple's new device isn't as unbiased as some high-end audiophile gear, but it's pretty damn good for a sub-$500 smart speaker.
    The last of a three-part series of reviews of Apple's new HomePod smart speaker, including a subjective analysis of the device and an analysis of its spacial analysis technology.
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  • Apple's new speaker making an unwelcome mark in some homes

    One year ago - By Chron

    SAN FRANCISCO - Apple's new internet-connected speaker is proving to be more appealing to the ears than to the eyes, depending on where the device is placed.
    Some people who bought the just-released $349 speaker, dubbed the HomePod, are reporting it leaves a white ring on wooden furniture.
    Apple says the problem often occurs with speakers that, like the HomePod, are equipped with a silicon base to minimize vibration. The company recommended wiping wood tarnished by the HomePod with a soft or damp cloth, or putting the speaker on another device.
    The marks left by the HomePod threaten to...
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