• Giorgio Armani is worth almost $6 billion and is one of the wealthiest men in fashion - here's a look at how the legendary designer spends his fortune

    5 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Fashion designer Giorgio Armani is worth $5.92 billion, according to Bloomberg.
    The 84-year-old has made his fortune not only in fashion, but also in accessories, perfumes, makeup, sportswear, interior design, real estate, restaurants, hotels, and even chocolate.
    Armani owns a 213-foot luxury yacht and homes in Italy , the French Riviera , and the Caribbean island of Antigua.
    Here's a look at how Armani makes and spends his billions.
    Giorgio Armani, the co-founder and sole owner of fashion house Armani, is worth $5.92 billion, according to Bloomberg .
    Forbes, however, estimates his fortune...
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