• Silicon Valley's real estate market is so absurd that this 1-acre dirt lot in Palo Alto is selling for $15 million

    7 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A one-acre dirt lot in Palo Alto, California, is selling for a whopping $15 million.
    The property's future owners would not only have to shell out that sum for the land but likely millions more to build a home on top of it.
    The hefty price tag is reflective of Silicon Valley's notoriously inflated real estate market - the lot sits minutes from the hubs of major tech giants like Google, Tesla and HP.
    A lot in Palo Alto, Calif., located about 15 minutes from Google's famed Googleplex Headquarters, is selling for a whopping $15 million. And that's just for the one-acre of dirt.
    The vacant lot...
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  • Anthony Bourdain Left His $1.2 Million Estate to His Daughter

    Anthony Bourdain Left His $1.2 Million Estate to His Daughter

    7 monthes ago - By Fortune

    Despite reports of a $16 million fortune , Anthony Bourdain's will revealed that the chef and television star's estate was worth $1.2 million, most of which he has chosen to leave to his 11-year-old daughter.
    Bourdain's assets include $425,000 in "cash and savings," $35,000 in a brokerage account, $250,000 in "personal property," and $500,000 in "intangible property including royalties and residuals, according to People .
    Since his daughter, Ariana, is still a minor, a guardian will protect her interests in his estate until she turns 18. Had she died before Bourdain, his estate would have...
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