• Murmur, still in private beta, wants to help startups make private work agreements public

    1 month ago - By Tech Crunch

    As building in public continues to gain popularity with early-stage startup founders, Murmur, coming out of stealth today, wants to leverage that natural transparency to a louder frequency.
    Founded by Aaron Dignan , Murmur helps startups create work agreements based on the policies of other startups. “Work agreements” is an intentionally broad phrase, but encapsulates everything that a team decides about how work works, from paternal leave strategies to strategic priorities to how hiring works.
    “It's everything you've ever argued about ,” Dignan said.
    It requires a healthy level of...
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  • TechCrunch Early Stage is the startup bootcamp you've always needed

    TechCrunch Early Stage is the startup bootcamp you've always needed

    1 month ago - By Tech Crunch

    Wondering how to nail that virtual pitch meeting and raise VC funding? Or how to build a high-octane sales team? What about recruiting early team members that will fuel future growth? Managing the finances of a new company while also wondering about your own personal finances as a founder? Legal? Marketing? PR? Being a great leader?
    The answer to every single one of these questions, and many more, will be at TechCrunch's Early Stage events .
    The event series takes place across two dates: April 1 - 2 and July 8 - 9 .
    Unlike other TechCrunch events, there is no ‘main stage.' Each session is...
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